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We offer a variety of baked goods created by our award-winning team.

Made to Order, No Refrigeration

Sour Cream Crumble Coffeecake $18.99

Pound Cake $10.99 for butter, $12.99 for lemon blueberry

Cast Iron Skillet, Pineapple Upside-down w/spiced rum $12.99

Whoopie Pies $3.99 each

Black & White Cookies $2.99 each

Mary Todd Lincoln Cake $16.99

Cup of coffee $2.99

Pup Cakes (4 pack) $9.99

Cake Pops (each) $3.99

Misc. Prices

Candles $2.99

$50.00 per hour art fee for extensive artwork
Licensed Character kits-various prices

Bottle of Water $1.00

Refrigerated Case items

Cake Pops $2.99+ each

Gourmet Cupcakes $3.25 each

Dessert Cakes $36.00, 8” round, 3 layer, 4 inches tall
(By order only, $58.00 for 10” round)

Dessert Cake Flavors

Red VelvetBlack ForestItalian RumCarrot German ChocolateVanilla bean with Raspberry CompoteHumming Bird Cookies & CreamChocolate Peanut butterBoston CreamTriple chocolate GanacheTiramisuBerry ChantillyReady-made Birthday Cake | Vanilla Bean | Confetti | Caramel Cream | Turtle | Hot Fudge Sunday | Strawberries & Cream | Peaches & Cream | Coconut Cream | Lemon Drop | Caramel Apple | Spice | S'mores | Coffee Toffee | Chocolate Mint | Snickers | Strawberries & Cream Cheese | Raspberries & Cream Cheese

Custom Orders

Custom Orders are priced by the serving. For cakes with extensive artwork, there is a $50.00 per hour art fee charged.
Cake servings are based on a standard cake serving sizes and are 1”x2” pieces.

Cake Flavors

Choc., Yellow, Marble, White, Red Velvet*, Carrot**, Sponge***

*Red Velvet - Add $0.35 per serving
**Carrot - Available in 8” & 10” round & 1/4 sheet - Add $0.35 per serving
**Sponge - Available in 8” & 10” round - Add $0.35 per serving

Frosting/Icing flavors

Italian buttercream
Buttercream frosting
Chocolate buttercream frosting

Peanut butter frosting, Add .35 cents per serving

Whipped cream, Add .35 cents per serving

Cream cheese frosting, Add .35 cents per serving

Fondant, Add $1.50 per serving


Add .35 cents per serving for strawberry compote, raspberry compote, lemon, mousse, ganache, and Peanut butter frosting.

Sheet Cakes

¼ sheet cake 20+ servings, $42.00

½ sheet cake 40+ servings, $80.00

Full Sheet cake 80+ servings, $146.00


$19.99 dozen for basic Chocolate & Vanilla with buttercream, sprinkles, or other simple accents*

$3.25 each for gourmet cupcakes or $32.50 per dozen

$38.00 for a 24 count cupcake sculpture

* Happy Birthday picks for $5.00 per dozen

Shapes, Dimensions, Servings, and prices


$1.85 per serving, tiered $2.75 per serving

6” round double layer 12 servings, triple layer 18 servings
8” round double layer 28 servings; triple layer 42 servings
10” round double layer 42 servings; triple layer 62 servings
12” round double layer 56 servings; triple layer 84 servings
14” round double layer 82 servings; triple layer 162 servings
6" round single layer $9.99
6" round double layer $18.99
8" round single layer $18.99
8" round double layer $36.00


$2.00 per serving, tiered $3.00 per serving

6” square double layer 18 servings; triple layer 26 servings
8”square double layer 32 servings; triple layer 48 servings
10” square double layer 50 servings; triple layer 74 servings
12” square double layer 72 servings; triple layer 108 servings
14” square double layer 98, servings’ triple layer 146 servings


$2.00 per serving, tiered $3.00 per serving

6” heart double layer 13 servings; triple layer 20 servings
8” heart double layer 24 servings; triple layer 36 servings
10” heart double layer 35 servings; triple layer 55 servings
12” heart double layer 54 servings; triple layer 80 servings
14” heart double layer 73, servings triple layer 109 servings


$2.50 per serving, tiered $3.50 per serving

6” hexagon double layer 11 servings; triple layer 16 servings
8” hexagon double layer 20 servings; triple layer 30 servings
10” hexagon double layer 30 servings; triple layer 45 servings
12” hexagon double layer 45 servings; triple layer 76 servings
14” hexagon double layer 62, servings triple layer 105 servings

Product Descriptions

Gourmet Dessert Cakes-Our standard size is an 8” round, 3 layer cake. These cakes can also be special ordered in a 10” round, 3 layer cake. 

Red Velvet Cake-This cake has a light chocolate flavor, a beautiful deep red color, and is topped with cream cheese frosting.

Black Forest Cake-This cake is made with chocolate cake, whipped cream, cherry filling, and topped with chocolate shavings.

Italian Rum Cake-This cake is made with sponge cake, a simple syrup made with rum, vanilla cream, vanilla buttercream frosting, toasted almonds, and maraschino cherries. 

Carrot Cake-This cake has carrots, pecans, and spices. It is topped with cream cheese frosting. 

German Chocolate Cake-This cake is made with chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream frosting, chocolate ganache, and of course German chocolate topping. The topping is made with coconut and pecans.   

Vanilla Bean with Raspberry Cake-This cake is made with white cake, raspberry compote filling, and topped with Italian buttercream. This cake combination is commonly chosen for wedding cakes. 

Hummingbird Cake-This tender and moist cake is made with pineapple, banana, cinnamon, and pecans. It is topped with cream cheese frosting.  

Cookies & Cream Cake-This cake is made with chocolate cake, an Oreo cookie whipped cream, and topped with Oreo cookies & chocolate ganache. 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake-This cake is made with chocolate cake, a peanut butter buttercream frosting, topped with chocolate ganache, and finished with chocolate peanut butter cups. 

Boston Cream Cake-this is made with yellow cake, vanilla cream filling, topped with chocolate ganache, and finished with maraschino cherries. 

Triple Chocolate Ganache Cake-This cake is made with chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream frosting, and enrobed in chocolate ganache. 

Tiramisu-This is a sponge cake, soaked with coffee liquor simple syrup, filled with sweetened Mascarpone cheese, and topped with coffee flavored whipped cream. 

Berry Chantilly Cake-this cake is made from sponge cake, filled with fresh berries, berry mousse, and topped with fresh berries and whipped cream.  

Decorated Birthday Cakes-These cakes will vary from day to day. They will be made in chocolate, vanilla, confetti, and marble cake. They will be topped with either American buttercream or Italian buttercream. These cakes will be a 3 layer, 8” round cake and will be decorated with a general party theme. There will be several options to choose from. These cakes can be customized. 

Mary Todd Lincoln Cake- It's said that one of Abraham Lincoln's favorite desserts was his wife's white almond cake, also known as "The Presidential Cake" or "The Love Cake". In fact, it's the cake that she baked to woo him! In his honor, we came up with this recipe for The Mary Todd Lincoln Cake, which we hope will woo you too! This cake is baked in a Bundt pan.

Spiced Rum, Pineapple Upside-Down Cake- This is cake is made in the traditional manner, in a cast-iron skillet which creates a deep, rich caramel. The Spiced Rum kicks up the flavor, and is beautifully topped with pineapples and cherries. Try serving this cake a la mode. 

Pound Cake- We make a traditional 1700's pound cake, made from one pound of each ingredient, Pound cake is a buttery, moist, and dense textured cake. Its simplicity allows for it to be used in many different ways. It can served toasted with butter for a delicious breakfast. It also will pair nicely with fresh berries, whipped cream, and ice cream.

Texas Sheet Cake- This cake is incredibly moist and chocolatey. It has a brownie-like texture and look. It is topped with a warm fudgy icing that forms an outer crust.

Sour Cream, Crumble Coffee Cake- This cake is baked in a ring-shaped pan and is layered with and topped with cinnamon, brown sugar, pecans, and butter. This cake is easy to serve and provides a nice presentation. This is also an excellent breakfast item and pairs well with coffee or tea.

Black & White Cookies-A New York favorite and they were a focal point of a famous Seinfeld Episode Scene. This is a vanilla cake-based cookie with half chocolate and half vanilla fondant icing.

Gourmet Dessert Cupcakes- These cupcakes are miniature versions of our Gourmet Dessert Cakes line. 

We offer ready-made cakes, for any last-minute needs. We have a variety of cakes that are ready to be put in a box, and we will customize the inscription at no additional cost!

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